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Viewing the bulletins

To open a particular bulletin for viewing, click on the publisher button and select the bulletin in the list.

The following items are highlighted in the bulletin text:
  • Prefixes
  • Callsigns
  • LoTW users
  • IOTA references
  • Grid Squares
  • Needed items

Assuming that all optional databases are installed, the tooltips of the highlighted items show:
  • prefixes and callsigns: the main prefix and DXCC entity name, plus all extra information encoded in the callsign, such as province and license class;

  • US and Canadian callsigns: full name and address of the callsign holder;

  • US callsigns: state and county;

  • Canadian special event callsigns: event information;

  • IOTA references: country prefix and IOTA group name;

  • Grid Squares: latitude and longitude.

Searching the bulletins

Press Ctrl-F or use the Search / Find menu command to start a full text search. Tick In All Bulletins to search the whole archive.

Entering your Needed lists

To enter your Needed lists, click on Tools / Needed List in the menu and tick the checkboxes for all DXCC entities and IOTA groups that you want to be highlighted.

Downloading the optional databases

The optional databases can be downloaded via the Tools / Download menu command. The program automatically downloads and imports the databases. Note that some databases are very large and may take much time to download.

Importing the bulletins

The program comes with a few bullteins included for the demonstration purposes. To keep your archives up to date, you will have to import the new bulletins when they arrive. You can either subscribe to receive the bulletins via email, or find them on the web if they are available online.

The bulletins received via email can be dragged-and-dropped from Outlook Express to Bulletin Reader. If you are using another email client, drag-and-drop may not work. In this case open the bulletin in your email program, select the text and drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste it to Bulletin Reader. You can also save the bulletin in a text file and drag-and-drop the file to Bulletin Reader.

To import a bulletin from the web, open it in a web browser, select the text, and use drad-and-drop or copy-and-paste.

When you are adding a new bulletin to the archive, Bulletin Viewer attempts to determine the publisher, issue number and publication date of the bulletin. If the program is unable to determine these attributes, it will either prompt you to input the missing data, if a single bulletin is being added, or reject the unrecognized bulletins if multiple files or emails are being imported. The status bar shows the results of the import.

Adding publishers

The following publishers/bulletins are currently supported:
  • Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin;
  • 425 DX News;
  • 425 DX Calendar;
  • ARRL DX Bulletin;
  • DX Newsletter;
  • The Daily DX;
  • WAP Antarctic Bulletin;
  • I.C.P.O. Bulletin.
The bulletins not listed above, and non-periodical publications, can be added as Other.

The support of new bulletin publishers can be added by creating a simple DLL file that extracts the publisher, issue number and publication date from the bulletin text. A sample source code of such DLL is included in the BullRead\Dll\Source directory.

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