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I have been writing software for Ham Radio since 1983, and in the process I have created quite a few components, tools, datasets and source code examples that might be of interest to other programmers. Some of these resources are presented below. Please feel free to use them in your own projects. If you do so, please state in the documentation and on your web site that your product includes code/data developed by VE3NEA, and provide a link to this page.


  DX Atlas Automation
Many third party programs integrate with DX Atlas and display their own data on the map. The examples below show how easy and flexible the integration can be.
 - Delphi example: controlling DX Atlas settings - Delphi example: plotting data on the map - Delphi example: handling DX Atlas events - Visual Basic automation example Visual C++ automation example C# automation example by Tom N5GE

  Ham CAP Automation
Ham CAP provides a COM/OLE Automation interface that 3-rd party programs can use to start Ham CAP, set prediction parameters, and run predictions. In a typical application integrated with Ham CAP, the user will right-click on a callsign, and Ham CAP will pop up and display the point-to-point propagation chart.
 - Delphi Automation example - Visual Basic Automation example

Ham Datasets

  Prefix Database
The DX Atlas Prefix Database is a hierarchical table of prefixes that includes all known prefix allocations for countries, provinces and call areas, and in some cases for individual cities. Additional information encoded in prefixes, such as club or individual station, license class, foreign or local operator, special event, contest-only station, etc., is also included in the database.

I have released the database to the public domain, feel free to use it in your projects.
 - prefix database and documentation.

  Callsign Parser
This component greatly simplifies the use of the Prefix Database. Just pass it a callsign or prefix and read the HitList property with complete information extracted from the prefix/callsign. The component is available as a Delphi class and as a COM Automation object.
 - Delphi example - Visual Basic example - COM object - the source code of the callsign parser

  Partial Callsign Lookup
Many contesting programs use the Master.dta file for partial callsign lookup. Provided below are a callsign lookup component with Delphi source code, and a Master.dta Editor.
 - partial callsign lookup, source code
         MEdit - Master.dta file editor


  WDM audio streaming
A real-time audio I/O streaming component based on the WDM API.
 - source code and demo

  MME audio streaming
A real-time audio I/O streaming component based on the MME API.
 - source code

  Octave Resampler
Interpolates and decimates audio data by the factors of 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64.
 - resampler source code

  Modified FFT unit from DC-DSP Components
The FFT transform unit from the DC-DSP Components Pack modified for compatibility with Delphi 5. A couple of small bugs fixed.

         DC-DSP Components - original code by DSP Worx - modified units

  Voice Shaper engine
Performs filtering, equalization, noise gating, compression and clipping of microphone audio data in real time.
 - DLL binary and readme

  I/Q Balance Correction
Automatic estimation and correction of the I/Q balance error in the QSD-based SDR receivers. Part of the Rocky project.
 - Delphi source code


A COM component for transceiver/receiver CAT control.

         OmniRig - OmniRig web page

  Interface to Si570-USB
A Delphi class to control the Si570-USB synthesizer.

 - source code

  Interface to QS1R
A Delphi class to control the QS1R SDR receiver.

 - source code

  Firmware for Hermes
FPGA firmware with 7 receivers for the Hermes SDR transceiver.

 - compiled RBF file - source code

  Firmware for QS1R
FPGA firmware with 7 receivers for the QS1R SDR transceiver.

 - compiled RBF file - source code


A new implementation of the VOACAP propagation prediction algorithm. Fast, flexible and easy to use. Compiles on Windows and Linux.

         DVOACAP - source code and binaries

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