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Software compatible with DX Atlas

The programs and datasets listed below integrate with DX Atlas and display their own data on the map. This list is provided as a convenience, Afreet Software Inc. is not responsible for the content and software on the listed sites.

SwissLog by Jordi EA3GCV

Description from the author: "Logging software for the most demanding radio amateur".

AALog by The DXSoft Group (RZ4AG)

Description from the author: "AALog is a comprehensive logger program designed for amateur radio station operators. It looks like your paper log an uses all power of your computer".

GPcluster by Giacomo IH9GPI

Description from the author: A windows DX Cluster client application that allows push notifications to mobile devices

ViewProp by Rick ZL2HAM

Description from the author: ViewProp is a tool that allows you to view and analyze propagation in real-time by plotting the geographic location of open paths in DxAtlas as determined from Skimmer and cluster spots. It can help you with planning by providing charts showing a history of activity over the previous day, and it also lets you view and optimize antenna pointing directions.

DXtreme Reception Log by DXtreme Software

DXtreme Reception Log - Advanced Edition is our logging program designed for radio monitors (SWLs and others).

DXtreme Station Log by DXtreme Software

Multimedia Logger for Hams and SWL's.

IOTA List by Joe WA6AXE

IOTA List for DX Atlas.

USA-CA List by Joe WA6AXE

USA County List for DX Atlas.

RDA List by Joe WA6AXE

The Russian Discticts Award (RDA) List for DX Atlas.

Pin List generator for DXBase 2007 by Joe WA6AXE

Description from the author: "A report that creates DXCC 'Pins' for the DX Atlas program"

DXBandMap by Gerry, W1VE

Description from the author: "A new kind of Bandmap for Writelog! See your spots plotted on a world map, along with Propagation and Greyline information"

miLog by the miLog team (K7MI - K6GNX - N6GDA - N7ON)

Description from the authors: "Highly integrated Logging, DXing, Contesting and Station Control Software"

IOTA List by Gérard 14SD330

IOTA List for DX Atlas, 92660 entries; Lota and Sota lists.

DXLab Suite of free DXing applications by Dave, AA6YQ

Description from the author: "A suite of interoperating applications designed to automate DXing activities".


Description from the author: "Breakthrough program provides tools to give you the advantage in pile-ups".

DX Tracker by Ed Lyons, KD6IET

Description from the author: "DX Contacts Logging Program for the HF Amateur Radio Enthusiast".

IOTA.LST by Nikolay, EU6TV (SK)

IOTA list for DX Atlas, freeware and shareware versions. Nikolay also provides several island lists for national island awards in the DX Atlas format.

PC-HFDL by Charles Brain, G4GUO

Aircraft communications monitor.
Description from the author: "PC-HFDL is a windows based decoder for the ARINC 635-3 HF data-link protocol".

CQ Log by Oleg, RA3DCT

Description from the author: "CQ Log is the powerful logging program. It is the total control center for everyday on-the-air activities. Full-featured logging of QSOs; statistics for DXCC, HOLYLAND, IOTA, RRA, P-100-O, RDA, WAS, and WAZ awards; support for QRZ!, RAC, and RIC databases; contest mode. It is possible to save up to 3 pictures for each SSTV-QSO. Two-way data exchange with MixW2 and DigiPan. RIG control, DX-managers database, printing of QSL-labels and much more".

DX Base 2003 by Scientific Solutions

Description from the author: "DXbase 2003 is perhaps the most comprehensive Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP logging software ever created. It features current technology and gives you the same professional "look and feel" as other professionally developed 32 bit software".

LOGic6 by Personal Database Applications, Inc.

Description from the author: "The ultimate in flexible logging software since 1989, featuring user-defined fields, user-configurable screens, tracking for any award, contesting, and more".

AR-Cluster by AR-Technology

Description from the author: "AR-Cluster is next generation Windows based DX-Cluster system offering built-in Internet connectivity".

ISLAND.LST by Nikolay, EU6TV (SK)

A drop-in replacement for the standard ISLAND.LST. Includes over 15,000 islands.

Cluster Monitor by The DXSoft Group (RZ4AG)

Description from the author: "Cluster spot history, latest spots in a separate window, full information about DX, announcements, WWV reports, flexible sorting and filtering. Full DXAtlas support. Integrated dial-up support".

CITY.LST by Vlad, 4K6D

DX Atlas City List in Russian, a drop-in replacement for the standard CITY.LST.

TRX Manager by Laurent, F6DEX

Description from the author: "TRX-Manager is an original and innovative control and logging program for Radioamateurs. It supports almost all the functions of Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom... Transceivers fully integrated in a comprehensive package for Radio Amateurs making easier and more effective SW Listening, DX Spotting, Logging, Award tracking, Satellite, Rotator control and much more... ".

MixW by Nick, UT2UZ

Description from the author: "Multi Mode Operating Software for Win PC with sound card. Suports TNCs, CATs and antenna rotors. Regular and contest logging formats. All of the popular modes (including phone) are suported".

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